CoinMarketCap named the most popular token of August

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Cryptocurrency project registered an explosive increase in user interest in August, according to CoinMarketCap.

During this time, over 229,000 CoinMarketCap (CMC) users have added to their watchlists. At the same time, the project is more than twice ahead of its closest competitor SENSO, which is on the second line of this rating. Moreover, he managed to bypass even the main cryptocurrency of the world – bitcoin (BTC).

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At CoinMarketCap considerthat the meme coin, which is based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and is the leader among BNB Chain projects in terms of social activity, should thank its strong community for such success.

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The project was recently updated historical maximum by the number of on-chain hodlers. The indicator reached 128,000. In addition, has 268 thousand subscribers on Twitter, 50,800 on Telegram, and 19,400 on Discord.

Although the token has retraced from its August peaks over the past 30 days, it is still trading up 1,220%, according to CoinGecko.

Where did RichQUACK come from?

Initially, the coin was conceived as a pseudo-competitor of another popular meme coin, Dogecoin. Its launch took place in June 2021. RichQUACK is a community-driven platform with an automatic liquidity feature that generates yield and static rewards for hodlers.

The RichQUACK coin is a BEP-20 token. Its distinguishing feature is its hyperdeflationary characteristics. For this, a special Black Hole algorithm has been developed, which absorbed 50% of QUACK’s circulating supply. The hole continues to exponentially consume all of the circulating QUACK supply, creating an ever-increasing price floor.

All transactions on the network are subject to a 10% commission. Of these, 5% go to the AutoFarm system, where they are automatically distributed among token holders through the income farming system. The remaining 5% is locked as liquidity in the PancakeSwap pool.

In addition, a jackpot (“Quackpot”) is played on the platform, as well as lotteries every hour, day, week and month.


RichQUACK also aims to act as an intermediary between blockchain startups and potential investors. To this end, the project offers all startups assistance in finding funding and advice.

Teams of RichQUACK specialists help aspiring entrepreneurs find the necessary resources for a successful launch and at the same time generate content on social networks to promote a new project. Through its exchange partnerships, RichQUACK also helps startups connect with the business community.

The project is open for cooperation with everyone, but first they must pass RichQUACK’s strict check for compliance with quality standards and KYC procedures.

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