Crypto exchanger Chatex blocked the movement of funds

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On November 10, Chatex, a Telegram bot for exchanging cryptocurrencies, announced the suspension of operations in connection with an investigation into the company being carried out in the United States.

“One of our early equity investors faced legal action from the United States. And, since he is one of our equity investors, legal claims against him also apply to Chatex and to all the companies where he has a stake, ”said representatives of the exchanger.

For the duration of the investigation, the funds of Chatex users are prohibited from movement, but the team claims that they are safe.

Also, the administration of the exchanger canceled the planned CHTX token sale.

“We are very sorry that we had to make such a decision, but the events that led to this have nothing to do with our team, and it is not in our power to change them,” they added.

On November 8, the US Treasury Department included in the sanctions list 30 cryptocurrency addresses of the Chatex exchanger, as well as its affiliated companies Izibits OÜ, Chatextech SIA and Hightrade Finance Ltd.

According to Chainalysis analysts, since September 2018, Chatex has processed bitcoin transactions worth at least $ 77.5 million, including more than $ 17 million in criminal assets, including funds from the Hydra darknet marketplace, Finico scam projects, and others, as well as the operators of several ransomware.

Chatex is associated with the Russian exchange Suex, which came under US sanctions in late September. The co-founder of both companies is Russian Yegor Petukhovsky.

For the period of the trial against Suex, Petukhovsky resigned from the shareholders and employees of Chatex. He denied accusations of the company’s involvement in illegal activities and announced his intention to defend his business reputation in a US court.

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