Cryptohamster Mr. Goxx has its own NFT collection, which has already brought in $ 12,000

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Cryptohamster under the pseudonym Mr. Goxx has its own collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) called Goxx Capital. According to Business Insider, the idea of ​​tokens came to the head of the hamster’s “business partner”. At the time of this writing, the amount of NFT sales was $ 12,000. The tokens themselves are made in the form of animated insert cards.


With NFT sales, the hamster owner plans to build a new “sales office” called Goxx Capital Headquarters. The updated hamster workspace will include improved cameras, motion control features and much more space for the rodent, according to the business partner.

“We cannot say for sure how long it will take to complete everything as the system becomes more complex. Much testing and bug fixing will be required as the design and programming are completed, ”said an anonymous business partner.

Ultimately, the redesigned “sales office” should expand the functionality of the hamster’s activities, as well as provide more interactive elements for the so-called “wheel of intent” and “decision tunnels”.

Recall that the owner of the hamster is broadcasting “trades” live on the Twitch platform. In fact, the trading process boils down to the following: the hamster spins the wheel of intentions, on the basis of which one of 30 tokens is selected.

The hamster then has to run through one of two decision-making tunnels to buy or sell a token. In early September, the hamster reached a payback rate of almost + 50%. Bitcoin, for example, was only 41% up at the time. The S&P 500 index is up ~ 6-7%, and the Katie Wood ARK Innovation fund is up 5%.

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