CTO SushiSwap left the project

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СTO SushiSwap Decentralized Exchange Joseph DeLonge stepped down without gaining community support from the current project team.

The conflict arose after the unexpected departure of the project manager under the nickname 0xMaki, which may have been initiated by DeLong. Several other developers left with him, and brought their disagreements to the public.

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CTO SushiSwap called the accusations “absurd slander” and threatened to leave the project in the absence of giving the key developers “more autonomy”.

He submitted to the community a proposal for the allocation of 200,000 SUSHI ($ 1.2 million at the time of writing) at a time to each of the 19 developers of the project. But it received no support. More than two thirds out of 97 voted against.

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DeLonge questioned whether the current chaos within SushiSwap could be neutralized. He recommended taking key positions beyond GIVEN with the empowerment of effective mechanisms for managing the team.

“Beware of self-proclaimed leaders from the current project staff,” he warned.

DeLonge recalled his promise to transfer all accounts to the next SushiSwap executive.

Earlier, the Bank for International Settlements called the decentralization of DeFi protocols an illusion. The experts expressed confidence that there will be cases when projects require reorganization or evaluation.

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