DEX SundaeSwap launched on Cardano mainnet. Not everything went smoothly

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On January 20, the SundaeSwap decentralized exchange was launched on the Cardano mainnet. Users have complained about errors in transaction processing due to network congestion, but updating Plutus smart contracts should fix the situation.

SundaeSwap has become the second DEX on the Cardano blockchain. Unlike MuesliSwap, launched in November 2021, the platform is publicly supported by IOHK and personally by Charles Hoskinson.

Earlier, on January 8, the SundaeSwap team warned users about potential issues with transaction processing after the launch of the project on the main network. The developers noted that the reason lies in the parameters of the Cardano blockchain, which are set “conservatively”.

“Due to overwhelming demand and hype from the community, we expect real numbers to be far behind projections, even under the most optimistic forecasts. To be as transparent as possible, we want to inform everyone that orders may take several days to be processed, but they will all be processed fairly in the order in which they were received and executed,” the developers wrote.

However, users complained not only about delays in transactions, but also about critical errors, due to which it is impossible to perform a swap or send another transaction.

Ahead of the launch of SundaeSwap, IOHK announced that it will adjust the parameters of Plutus smart contracts. In particular, the developers will increase the number of script memory blocks to 12.5 million per transaction. The update will be activated on January 25th.

“The current number of Plutus Script Memory Blocks per transaction is 11.25M. This will increase to 12.5M after this update. This incremental adjustment is the next in a series of planned network changes that we will implement as we begin scaling Cardano for future growth. ”, — wrote in IOHK.

According to the developers, the adjustment will provide more resources to decentralized applications using Plutus. To determine the next value threshold, the team will monitor network performance.

On BUT-sessions on Twitter SundaeSwap CTO Matt Ho noted that after the announced changes come into effect, he expects to more than double the throughput of the blockchain.

According to DeFi Llama, the amount of funds blocked in MuesliSwap smart contracts exceeded $4 million. The decentralized exchange also operates on the Smart Bitcoin Cash network, but the vast majority of assets ($3.49 million) are placed in Cardano.

In January, IOHK published a roadmap for the development of Cardano in 2022. Developers will focus on performance optimization and blockchain scaling.

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