Edward Snowden explains his attitude towards “dog” coins

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Former US National Security Agency official Edward Snowden said he had an aversion to “dog” coins Dogecoin and Shiba Inu because of his “bad sense of humor.”

Snowden wrote on Twitter that he was never a fan of DOGE and similar cryptocurrency memes. He is concerned that many people take investing in DOGE and SHIB very seriously, as their gullibility could lead to large financial losses. Snowden urged investors to treat these cryptocurrencies as a frivolous joke.

In response to user comments, Snowden replied:

“I have a lot more respect for people who say: ‘Ha, I managed to make money on dog coins, and if you give me more money for it, I will not refuse.’ And there are people who adjust their glasses and say that DOGE is very serious, and the coin is successfully sent “native”. “

The former NSA expert also expressed bewilderment that some venture capitalists speak badly about Bitcoin, allegedly warning people about the risks of its high volatility. In doing so, they are promoting “centralized junk coins” in which, as it turns out, they have invested a lot of money. According to Snowden, “If you’re that guy, stop doing that.”

This is not the first time Snowden has criticized DOGE and SHIB. Earlier this month, he already warned investors that they should not succumb to the hype around cryptocurrency memes. In addition, Snowden spoke out against central bank digital currencies in October. He called government stablecoins a conspiracy against human society, as they distort the principles of cryptocurrencies and deprive citizens of ownership of their money.

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