Ethereum Name Service capitalization soars above $ 1 billion

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Ethereum Name Service (ENS) token capitalization exceeded $ 1 billion four days after the start of the cryptocurrency distribution, according to CoinGecko. Since November 9, altcoin has risen in price by 50%. On November 11, the price of the cryptocurrency reached an all-time high of $ 83.4. At 12:00 Moscow time on November 12, the cost of ENS is $ 57.4, writes RBC Crypto.

The free giveaway of Ethereum domain name service tokens started on November 9th. It is planned to distribute 25% of the ENS issue among the service users. The distribution of tokens will take place until May 4, 2022.

Some of the users received coins worth tens of thousands of dollars. The amount was calculated based on the time when the address was created and other parameters. The number of domain names registered per address was not counted.

For example, an unknown user with the poap.eth domain received 787.4 ENS tokens, which at the current exchange rate is $ 46.4 thousand, while the jessebmiller.eth domain received over 1,000 tokens worth more than $ 59.2 thousand.

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