OpenSea flooded NFT with Elizabeth II

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Yesterday, September 8, the death of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain was announced. In just a few minutes, thousands of tokens with images of the deceased person poured onto the NFT trading platform OpenSea.

At the moment, several collections in honor of the Queen of Great Britain are registered on the platform. Both rare photos with her and images generated by algorithms are turned into tokens. For example, collection R.I.P. The Queen Official has 8,200 pixel images that differ in small details. A similar algorithm was used to release the popular CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club collections.

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And here is the collection QueenE DAO Collection appeared a month earlier. It contains 73 images, and after the announcement of the Queen’s death, there was a significant surge of interest in NFTs from this collection. At the same time, the value of QueenE tokens for the most part exceeds $1,000. In the last 15 hours, 12 NFTs have been sold, while the previous token sale from this collection was 23 days ago. Images from the collection queen elizabeth ii and they cost from 50 ETH (more than $85,000). True, so far these NFTs have not found a single buyer.

It was previously reported that the fall in sales of collectible tokens has been continuing since June of this year and, according to analysts, the recession could drag on for years.

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