Poll: Most Russians are not interested in cryptocurrency

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Less than half of Russians have a positive attitude towards digital currencies, writes RBC Crypto with reference to “Kommersant”. The study of the crypto wallet manufacturer Tangem involved 2.1 thousand active Internet users from cities with a population of 100 thousand or more.

31% of respondents reported their readiness to buy cryptocurrency in the next six months, 30% are not going to do this at all. The remaining 39% are undecided.

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72% of respondents said they had never bought cryptocurrency, 15% made their first purchase for up to $100, 9% – from $100 to $1,000, 4% – more than $1,000.

Only 6% of Russians said that they understand the topic of cryptocurrencies, while almost 80% know the term itself. 45% of respondents have a positive attitude towards digital currencies, 46% are neutral, 9% are negative.

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68% of respondents bought cryptocurrency out of interest to understand what kind of instrument it is. 22% did it in an attempt to save money, 19% diversified investments in this way, 19% used digital currencies to pay for services/goods/services, 16% to protect against inflation and exchange rate fluctuations, and the same number to play on the stock exchange.

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