Shiba Inu Team Warns About Scammers

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The Shiba Inu meme team has issued a public scam alert targeting altcoin investors, including SHIB tokens.

The tweet describes various methods of deception that several people from the Shiba Inu community have already fallen for.

Be vigilant #ShibArmy! We have become aware of social media scams and other communication platforms. Here’s a short video with more information on this.

The warning also stated that the fake group Shiba on Telegram and Twitter was impersonating official accounts, adding hashtags, #shib #shibarmy #leash #shibaswap and #bone.

However, the disclaimer is made that the community does not offer any promotions, including the distribution of tokens, the accrual of bonuses and the giveaway. In addition, investors have warned against exchanging wallet keys, credentials, and signing up for fake social media accounts.

The hype surrounding the so-called Dogecoin killer (DOGE) is attributed to the long period of the bull market, which brought high profits to small coins.

In isolated cases, investments in Shiba Inu brought huge returns, for example, investments in the amount of $ 8,000 brought the 35-year-old supermarket warehouse manager more than a million dollars, the rest of the majority of investors naturally suffer losses.

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