State Duma deputy commented on the rise in the price of bitcoin

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Bitcoin (BTC) once again tested the highest values ​​in its history this week. The leading digital currency hit its all-time high of $ 69,000 yesterday.

The rise in the cost of bitcoin was commented on in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. MP Vladimir Gutenev, who heads the Committee for Industry and Trade, commented on the November BTC rally.

According to him, bitcoin is purposefully pumped up by speculators in order to arouse interest in it from ordinary people. Then this asset will inevitably collapse, and only those investors who control the lion’s share of the cryptocurrency will benefit.

Gutenev urged Russians to refuse to buy BTC, and compared investment in this cryptocurrency with playing in a casino. The parliamentarian supports the desire of the Bank of Russia to oust bitcoin from the domestic market.

In addition, Vladimir Gutenev praised the leadership of the Central Bank for the development of the digital ruble, which should become a good alternative to decentralized cryptocurrencies.

The deputy also drew attention to the repressive policy of the Chinese authorities in relation to miners and crypto traders, which cleared the way for the integration of the digital yuan.

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