Tether blocks $ 160 million in USDT at the request of the authorities

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Stablecoin issuer Tether has blacklisted three addresses on the Ethereum blockchain containing a total of $ 160 million in USDT. Moving stablecoins from the specified wallets is now impossible.

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“Today, at the request of law enforcement agencies, Tether has frozen three addresses on the Ethereum blockchain containing $ 160 million in USDT. We are currently unable to disclose any other information, ”the company said on Thursday.

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Tether first blocked USDT in November 2017, when the company prevented the movement of $ 30 million in stolen tokens. Since then, 563 Ethereum addresses have been blacklisted.

The previous blocking was carried out at the end of December. An address containing 1.2 million USDT along with many other tokens was blacklisted. The ownership of the address is also unknown.

“By freezing addresses, Tether was able to help recover funds stolen by hackers or otherwise misappropriated,” the company explained.

In some cases, Tether also provides a refund service for USDT sent to an inaccessible address, freezing existing tokens and issuing new ones in return.

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