Top 3 tokens that have risen in price this week

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Despite a 5% decline in Bitcoin this week and a decline in the total cryptocurrency market capitalization to $ 2.56 trillion, some altcoins are showing significant growth. Three tokens have risen in price more than six times. The cost of Pharma Pay Coin (PRP), HyperDao (HDAO) and Dragon Slayer (DRS) tokens has skyrocketed, writes RBC Crypto.

Pharma Pay Coin

The value of the Pharma Pay Coin token increased by 507% over the week. On November 26, the altcoin price set a historic above $ 0.0219. At 15:30 Moscow time, the cryptocurrency is trading at $ 0.00653 (down 71% from the high).

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Pharma Pay Coin is an ecosystem that brings together over 200 healthcare organizations, pharmacies and insurance companies. The project was created on the Ethereum blockchain and allows medical structures to conduct fast transactions with low fees.


The price of the HyperDAO token increased by 542% over the week. On November 25, the altcoin set an all-time high at $ 0.179. On November 26, the cryptocurrency is trading at $ 0.12 (down 30%) from its high.

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HyperDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that is building its own financial ecosystem to manage digital assets using blockchain technology.

Dragon Slayer

The Dragon Slayer token price has grown by 808% over the past seven days. On November 26, the altcoin is trading at $ 0.0000068. The cryptocurrency renewed its all-time high at the end of August this year at around $ 0.015. At the moment, the token is trading more than 99% below the all-time high.

Dragon Slayer is a gaming project based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Players can create their own dragons and compete in battles with other users. All dragons in the game are represented as NFT tokens that can be sold, bought and exchanged.

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