Tornado Cash Mixer Adds Arbitrum Layer 2 Network Support

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The team of the Ethereum mixer Tornado Cash announced its readiness to integrate the Arbitrum One second-level network with the service.

“All smart contracts of the protocol are configured and ready to be launched on Arbitrum. They just need the help of the community to be deployed and fly on their own wings, ”the statement said.

Tornado Cash noted that the integration will provide users with all the benefits of L2 solutions, including cheaper transactions.

According to L2 Fees, transaction fees at Arbitrum One are around 30% of those on the Ethereum network.

Data: L2 Fees.

“This proposal is part of the protocol’s commitment to continually improving and allowing more users to claim their privacy. What’s more, with this deployment, Tornado Cash will join a thriving ecosystem of many other DeFi applications, ”added the mixer team.

The choice of support for the recently launched network in Tornado Cash was explained by its popularity. According to L2 Beat, the total value of assets blocked in the protocol (TVL) is $ 2.6 billion. It dominates the L2 segment by this indicator with a share of 38.8%.

Data: L2 Beat.

Arbitrum One TVL’s DeFi service Llama accounts for $ 2.04 billion, which places the protocol in ninth place among all blockchains.

Arbitrum One uses Optimistic Rollups technology.

In November, Arbitrum One integrated the Bitcoin exchange Binance.

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